Cherishing your trust!Creating your value!


Companies to introduce

Established on 2009, during past 10 years hardworking and growing, Kingkerry successfully transformed into a comprehensive professional logistics company focusing on air and sea freight transportation services, customs declaration services, exhibition services, warehousing services and project services.


The company developed with northern China as its base by the beginning of its establishment, and has been constantly broadening its network with our abundant service experiences, we now have developed thoroughly in China with opening branches in Shanghai ,Shenzhen and Qingdao.

With building strong relationship with airlines and ocean carriers, and being member of WCA and JCtrans, we can help the customers to solve their import and export customize logistics services rapidly and efficiently

The enterprise culture

Cherishing your trust!Creating your value!


Vital qi culture

We should have correct knowledge, correct vision, correct words and correct actions, and dare to uphold justice in the wrong and unjust matters

Happy culture

Full of positive energy such as confidence, sunshine and initiative, it will warm the people around you and make the relationship very harmonious

Altruism culture

No altruistic, everything for the sake of customers, for the sake of employees, the success of their own, only know how to pay, can have gains


The development course

Sincerely serve for 10,000 quality customers

2009年 公司成立

Started The Company

Being one of the first-class freight forwarder enterprises approved by CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) and the General Administration of Customs with register capital of RMB 10 million

Being Golden Top agent of JC-trans, providing coherent service of air freight, ocean frieht and other relevant business, having stable cooperation with many agents.

2010年 签约锦程

signing jctrans

2014年-2015年 签约航司

Signing navigation company

Signed with many airlines such as HU/NH/LH/QR/CA/ET/BR/NX/TK/EK

Our Stregitic deployment: Shenzhen, Shagnhai, Qingdao branch continuiously started business, signed with CA at the same time.

2016年-2017年 分公司成立

establish branch company

2018-2019年 欧洲包机

Signing navigation company

Newly developed charter project URC-OSR, signed with EK/AA

Endavored to resume work during COVID-19, launched charter flights to deliver PPE shpts, signed with NX

2020年 助力复工

Signing navigation company


Honorary certificate

Sincerely serve for 10,000 quality customers