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Beijing King Kerry actively responds to the national export strategy, dveloped vigorously multimodal transport business, built-up professional teams to study the barriers of traditional intermodal transport connection, integrates resources such as highway, railway, sea and air transport, designed different intermodal transport modes according to the different needs of customers in various industries, effectively utilizes the core advantages of airport, port, customs, inspection, warehouse and distribution, and so on. On the premise of service quality, we maximized logistics timeliness and minimized logistics cost on behalf of our cleints to the greatest extent.

★ Coordinated management:full process,risk control, effective tracking

★ Cost reduction and efficiency:reasonable allocation,effective connection, low cost

★ Comprehensive service: support multiple trade situations, multiple delivery terms

★ Simple and simple: easy to process, easy to operate, flexible and safe


Beijing KingKerry has accumulated rich practical experience in customs affairs. With rich resources and professional team, it can provide customers with product classification, customs declaration and inspection consultation, document production and management, on-site customs declaration and inspection, inspection and release, etc. All-round and efficient customs clearance services.

★ Wide coverage: covering multiple trade forms, multiple categories.

★ Management practices: Compliance security, accuracy and efficiency.

★ Efficient and convenient: strong customs clearance and fast speed.

★ Optimization optimization: team professional, reasonable plan.


Beijing KingKerry has a professional insurance team that integrates various insurance types such as liability insurance and cargo insurance. According to the value of your goods, characteristics, transportation methods, routes, etc., to provide you with a professional risk assessment, tailor-made exclusive insurance services. The insurance method is flexible and diverse. In addition, our company will provide customers with free insurance services for different situations.

★ Low rates, free insurance for customers in different situations.

★ Full coverage, guaranteed after sale.

★ Customized line, fast insurance.

★ Superior scheme, full tracking service.


Trade Agent is Beijing KingKerry's extended service for domestic and foreign suppliers and customers based on its core business. Services can cover traditional trade, exhibit, engineering projects, cross-border e-commerce and other fields. Through the professional management of the core team, the bottleneck of the import and export business links is opened for the customers, thus achieving the seamless connection to the world.

★ Senior team, professional program.

★ Cutting-edge information, optimization selection.

★ Smart means, efficient turnover.

★ Efficient and convenient, access to the world.


Beijing KingKerry is a warehousing logistics service enterprise approved by the Administration for Industry and Commerce Buearu. It has common, refrigerated, constant temperature, bonded and other types of cooperative warehouses. The warehouse is equipped with modern fire protection system, anti-theft system, temperature and humidity monitoring, intelligent equipment, lifting shelves, and automatic management system. It can provide customers with basic services and value-added services such as bulk trade import and export, e-commerce, 1 day trips, warehousing and distribution.

★ Fully qualified, modern configuration.

★ Excellent location and diverse choices.

★ Automated operation, refined management.

★ Internet of Things technology, big data integration.


Beijing KingKerry has abundant truck resources, including bonded truck, vans, flying wing vehicles, refrigerated trucks, engineering special vehicles and other vehicles. It can provide door-to-door delivery and delivery services for major cities in various transportation modes.

★ Rich in resources, sufficient capacity and flexible operation.

★ Unlimited mileage, nearby car./p>

★ Complete category and high loading rate.

★ Positioning system, safe and reliable, easy to track.